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We at TalentGig believe in perfection in whatever we do. You will find true collaboration within our Team that comes with a mix of talent and diversity. We ensure to create an impact and durable worth with our clients, communities and talent.

Who we are

We at TalentGig believe in perfection in what we do. Our Team comes with a blend of talent and diversity. Each of us believe in “Customer First” approach and go all the way to provide a great experience in designing , developing and testing the solutions that our client offer to their customers. We look at the bigger picture and align our approach to achieve the emerging market needs.

At the same time we are building products which help learning students to understand what Industry ready skills are. Essentially we want to bridge the gap between what Industry expects to what is taught in the academics.

Come lets join together to achieve something great !!

What we Believe in

We build effective strategies to help you reach customers and prospects across the entire web.


Core Values
Trust, Honesty, Inetgrity, Respect, Passion, Foccused team, Commitmentment to customers/clients. Our Values are like the foundation and it is these values that help us to move in certain direction, take decision and give us a purpose to achieve our goals.


Our strength : Our Employees

Our strength is our expertise in a variety of business disciplines, combined with hands-on experience in diverse technologies puts us in a remarkable position. We have employees who are focused and work religiously to achieve their targets before the deadline.It is their continues support and spirit that keeps us up and running.


Client Connection

We make sure to establish successful collaboration and retain a long term relationship with our clients by being responsive, significant, meeting our commitments and delivering value.


Culture of Equality
Though we are focused on diversity, as our diversed perspective come from different resources. We recruit people from different background to build a supportive, healthy and pleasant working environment. But we ensure that each of our employees have a sense of belonging and are valued. We consistently search for ways of scaling up as a team where everyone is working towards a shared goal.

Meet our Leaders

Pillars who drives the firm’s innovation and keep the company on the path to a planned vision.
Mahesh Nayani
Founder & CEO
Sunil Kumar
Swathi K
Siva Sankar
Rajnish Kumar
Ram Kumar
Ravi Kumar
Leena Tiganapally
Rita Singh
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